Learn how to make buttercream flowers from scratch


In this preview, I am pulling off the curtains from one of my very first workshops on how to pipe dainty buttercream roses and decorate it on a cake.
This class is 1 hour long containing a lot of techniques that I have paid thousands of dollars and spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours perfecting my craft.

This is perfect for beginners who wants to get started but do not know how to get started.

You will learn my secret buttercream recipe I used that is super stable in any weather. You will also learn how I pipe those beautiful signature natural roses you see all the time in my Instagram and facebook page. You will also learn how I arrange the flowers on top of a frosted cake.

I will be putting this link up for a limited amount of time, but if you want to go back and repeat. Please click the free membership below to have full access of this video and the recipe I used to pipe flowers in this course.

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