It started out in a kitchen with an oven toaster, a limited supply in the pantry and a kid’s imagination.  I made pizza from day-old breads.  Brownies and cookies from ready mix boxes.  My family must have been sick and tired of me forcing them to eat my home-made creations.

My fascination for sweets when my dad would bring me and my siblings to this pastry shop in Manila.  They served the most delectable pastries such as cream puff as big as my hands, eclairs longer than my fingers and beehives taller than any cupcakes that I found.  He would ask us to only choose three pastries and make it count.  And hence, my brother and I would stare at the display case carefully deciding which ones to choose.  And as always, I would choose the same three items that I always choose: eclairs, cream puffs and beehives.  That is probably the happiest memory I had of my late Dad.

When I moved to Singapore a little over a decade ago, I found cakes from neighborhood bakeries are not at par with my discerning palette.  Blame it on my excessive sweet tooth for finding lack in terms of sweetness and flavour.  So, I decided to make my very first Banana Bread which turned out to be a brick and forced fed my poor husband to it.

That failure did not stop me from trying again and again and again until to this day.  I have made hundreds of cakes in buttercream and fondant and learned to make a side-gig out of it whereby the extra cash allowed me to buy better baking tools and workshops.  It gave me so much happiness completing each cake to be presented in celebrations and special occasions.

Now I have set an intention to grow my side-gig/hobby into a legit business.  I have rebranded my retail arm to creating designer cakes for kid’s parties that provides better, healthier alternatives.  I have also been coaching and teaching home bakers in terms of how to sell their cakes that does not compromise on their lifestyle and price.  This has been my biggest pain, whereby I have been the cheap cake lady trying to compete with commercial bakeries.  Now, I am able to sell my cakes that is justified for the hours I put in and still achieve great work-life balance.

In this website, I will be sharing my cake decorating techniques and how I am able to build my cake side-gig from zero to $2000 a month.  I will also share my strategies on productivity in the kitchen that has saved me countless heartaches and man hours to complete my cake projects.  I will also share some timeless tips and advice from dealing with your paying clients, marketing your goods and pricing your cakes with confidence.

Get ready to be the best cake decorator you can possibly be.  Get Started