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Whipped Cream Frosting, the fail-proof way.  A friend of mine messaged me and asked me how to make whipped cream.  He told me he has attempted 3 times with watery results no matter how many times he whisk.

The thing with whipping cream, particularly dairy, is that you need to know how far you can beat enough to get stiff peaks and not overbeat it.

Another tips for your whipped cream frosting, overbeating your cream will result the fat to split away from the water.  This fat is how homemade churned butter  are made.  The watery substance is called buttermilk.  You can still keep the stuff for your own buttered toast.

Here is my recipe below to help you make sure your whipped cream is water free.

Fail-Proof Whipping Cream Frosting

200g dairy whipping cream, very cold
35g fine sugar  (not sweet ratio.  add more to your preferred sweetness)
1 tsp gelatine (optional, for stability)
1T boiling water

Steps for Whipped Cream Frosting:
  • Put gelatin in boiling water and let it steep for 10 minutes. (optional)
  • Put sugar and whipping cream in a bowl.
  • Start mixing on low for a few minutes
  • If you have gelatin mixture, slowly pour the gelatine mixture on the side of the bowl.
  • Increase to medium high speed until peaks are starting to form.
  • To check for peaks, stop beating and raise your beaters.  Check the photo below for reference.
  • Keep checking every few minutes or so.  Stop immediately when you get stiff peaks.
  • Another way to check if the cream is stiff when you tilt and shake the bowl and the cream won’t pour or fall off.

    Reference: Fine Cooking


This recipe can frost a small cake about 4″-5″ width.

Hope this helps and please leave a comment if you think it had helped you.

Till then,

Monica XOXO

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    I understand gelatine have beef marrow which is not vegetarian. Agar agar tend to harden stiff unlike the flexibility of gelatine. Feel free to experiment and try it out.

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