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I have a client who asked for Lightning McQueen from Cars movie for a cupcake.  I took the challenge and recorded a tutorial how I did it in a way that is consistent for all the toppers that I made.

So here we go:

Step 1: Make Lightning McQueen face

Lightning McQueen car color is red.  So to match that I rolled red fondant and cut out 2.5″ circles which is just nice as a cupcake topper

Step 2: Make the Lightning McQueen’s Eyes

I rolled red and white fondant and cut about an inch using a pizza accordion slicer.  I love this tool because it makes your strips nice and consistent in size.  You may use a knife if you do not have this nifty gadget.

I would measure the desired length of Lightning McQueen’s eyes (about 3/4th of the length of the circle).  Then I will use that measurement to cut across those strips of fondant.  This will give you rectangular pieces that are consistent for your eyes.

For each red rectangle, I would cut out the eyelids.  then I would paste it with water glue to secure the eyelids on the white rectangles we made earlier.

Using any piping tip with a rouded edge, I cut out baby blue fondant for his eyes.

I would glue them to the eyes.  then I would cut them slightly slanted that would like like a trapezoid.

Step 3: Make the Lightning McQueen’s Mouth

I use white rectangular strips for the teeth and I have cut out the same method for black fondant.

I would use a circle cutter or an Xacto knife to create a semi-circle that will serve as your mouth.

Then I would cut the white rectangular strips into two and paste them on top to serve as Lightning McQueen’s teeth.  I would also cut out a bit of curve on top of the mouth to show that he is smiling sideways.

Then, indent the Lightning McQueen’s face where you will put the mouth.  and paste it with glue.

For the eyebrows, I would roll a piece of black fondant and lay it along the eyelids.

And there you have it, this is how you make a Lightning Mcqueen cupcake topper!

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