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It was my birthday last Monday and I took a day off to live a day pretending to do my ideal cake life.  And to live the ideal cake life, I decided to experiment on a recipe that has been in my mind:  Mangoes and cream.  I love Mangoes especially the ones that came from the Philippines.  The mangoes there are juicy, sweet and tender.  I have tried different varieties from other countries but none can be quite like a Philippine Mango.  Being in Singapore for the past 10 years, I could not get hold of this lovely fruit.  I can only enjoy it whenever I visit my home country and eat as much as I can before I fly back.

Last week, I happen to have seen a packet of freeze dried mango powder in my local baking supply store.  Instinctively, I checked if there are any frozen fresh mangoes available.  And I was in luck that it is available.  And thus I decided, this will be my cake this year.

I did a Youtube live stream on making this cake.  Do watch it if you want to know how to make it step by step.

If you do not have home made vanilla extract, just use any regular vanilla extract you have at home.

Mango Sponge Cake

[A] 125g  cake flour
20g freeze dried mango powder (put more if you want a stronger flavor)
1 1/2 t baking powder
1/2 t Salt

[B] 4 eggyolks (from large eggs, abt 55g)
50g fine sugar
50g sunflower or canola oil
75g water
1t homemade vanilla extract

[C] 4 eggwhites
1/4t cream of tartar
100g sugar

Beat eggyolks and eggyolks until pale. Mix in the sunflower oil until well blended. Add in the water and vanilla extract.
Sift in cake flour, baking powder, salt into the eggyolk mixture. Add in the freeze dried mango powder. Mix until well blended. Do not overmix. Set aside
Place eggwhites in the mixer bowl or any stainless steel bowl. Put in cream of tartar. Mix on medium until soft peaks.
Slowly add in the sugar. Beat on medium-high until stiff peaks.
Fold 1/3 of the eggwhite mixture/meringue into the batter with a whisk. Do the same for the 2nd thirds of the meringue mixture with a mix.
Fold it again for the last 1/3 with the spatula. Put batter in a 8×3 round pan. Bake for 165C for 45-50 minutes or when the surface springs back after pressing.
After baking, place the cake upside down on a cooling rack.

Fresh cream frosting

2 cups Rich Bettercream, cold
1 cup non-dairy whipping cream (unsweetened), cold

Put both creams in the mixture and beat on high speed until stiff.
Do not overbeat.

Mango Filling

1/3 cup of mango, cubed.
20g of freeze dried mango
1 cups of fresh cream frosting


Mash mango cubes with a fork. Fold in mashed mango into the fresh cream frosting.


Torte Mango cake sponge into 3 with a cake leveler or a serrated knife.
Spread mango fillings on each layer.
Cover the cake with fresh cream frosting evenly
Make nice rosette swirls on top and make sure there are no gaps (otherwise, the juice from the mango will drip on the sides of the cake)
Top your cakes with mango cubes. Refrigerate and serve the next day to allow the flavors to develop.

My Verdict

Mango taste is not overwhelmingly fragrant.  Maybe I should put a full packet of the freeze dried stuff.
But that is the thing with artificial flavourings. We are so used to fragrances the enhances our tastebuds.
Sponge is NOT so sweet. The mixture of whipping cream with bettercream created a very nice taste that is not so rich in the palate.
Flavour wise, I can taste mango in the cake. But not at par with the mango cake that I remember in popular bakeshops in Philippines.
I guess the quality of the mango there is just so fragrant.
Family loved it. My inner circle friends loved it.
They say it is not too sweet of a cake which they prefer.
A friend who is picky on cakes licked the bowl clean.
Now THAT is a big statement.

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